House Portrait Artist

For over twenty years I have painted house portraits using watercolours & have painted many hundreds of watercolour portraits of houses, cottages, mansions, bungalows & apartments.

I take commissions from all over the world, provided I am given some good photos to work from.

Photographs the start of your unique House Portrait

Good photographs are the starting point for my house portraits. I usually take these myself if the house is in easy reach but I can also work from your own photographs.

The Garden an important part

I really enjoy creating a colourful garden foreground to my watercolour house portraits. My skills as a house portrait artist and detailed knowledge of flowers and shrubs allows me to change the garden to match any season regardless of when the photographs were taken. In fact, it’s not unusual to be asked to create a snow-covered house portrait whilst being handed photographs taken in the height of summer.

Treasured Gift from a Specialist Artist

If you’re looking for a unique, original and valued gift, for yourself, a family member or friend - or perhaps as a memento for somebody leaving behind a cherished home – I am able to paint a beautiful, delicate watercolour house portrait for you. Over the years, my commissions have included watercolour portraits of churches & other buildings evoking fond and happy memories.